Arik Air has announced the appointment of a new General Manager, Flight Operations. He is Mr. Ianko Stoimenov.

Arik Air has announced the appointment of a new General Manager, Flight Operations. He is Mr. Ianko Stoimenov.

The 47-year old Bulgarian national is an experienced airline transport pilot and technical engineer with Boeing737-300/900 valid type rating.

The new GM has accumulated a total flight hours of 12900 and total command hours of 10100.

He attended G. Benkovski Flight Academy, Bulgaria from 1978-1984 and obtained the Commercial Pilot and Technical Engineer Degree.

Stoimenov’s airline career began with Balkan Bulgarian Airlines in 1984 as First officer and ten years later was actively working as a management pilot which gave him the opportunity to build valuable experience in a number of areas.

Stepping on the management field, as Boeing 767 Fleet Manager, he was initially responsible for the long haul company operation, including training, rostering and dispatch.

Two years later, as Airline Chief Pilot, he had the challenging task to standardize the operation of seven different types of aircraft: B767/B737/A320/Tu154/An24/An12/II18.

The successful accomplishment of this mission, extended his responsibilities even further, with his appointment in 1997 as Flight Operations Manager and he had to look after significant fleet of up to 25 aircraft, and considerable amount of manpower.

In 1998, he was assigned to introduce the quality model in Balkan Airlines and appointed as Director Aviation safety.

Stoimenov departed from Balkan Airline in 2000, stepping out as Vice President Flight Operations, facing a new challenge in Cyprus with the establishment of a start up airline.

Working on the management field for 12 years, Stoimenov never stopped being a frontliner, enjoying flying and training, which gave him the opportunity to stay close with the employees and served as an excellent indicator about the effectiveness of management.

The establishment of Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) Bulgaria in 1998, brought a remarkable time for him on the helm of the organization, breaking new grounds in the fascinating world of general aviation.

Perhaps the most notable recognition of his dedication to aviation was his nomination as a member of the Flight Safety Foundation Board of the Governors in November 199 in New Orleans.