Arik Air International Limited is the overseas corporate headquarters of Arik Air in Lagos, Nigeria, set up by Dr Michael Arumemi-Ikhide to develop our worldwide route network and realise the vision of the founder Sir Arumemi-Ikhide to offer a truly global airline with world class standards.

In 2007, Dr Michael Arumemi-Ikhide, established Arik Air International (UK) to serve as a management consultancy provider to the Lagos based airline.  Our remit is to bolster Arik Air’s position in the complex international market. Our responsibilities include human resourcing; PR, advertising and marketing; commercial contract management; overseas airport and station management; technical procurement; and client relationship management. Moreover, by basing ourselves in the heart of London, we are blessed with one of the most desirable international gateways from which to spread Arik’s unique West African message.
In December 2008, we successfully launched our initial intercontinental operation from Lagos to London Heathrow. We operated daily, from London Heathrow Terminal 4 with our flagship airbus A340-500, and later commence operation with the airbus A330-200, offering our esteemed customers a high degree of operational flexibility and unmatched passenger comfort. The aircraft offers 30 Premier Business Class and 187 Economy Class seats. Premier Business Class passengers enjoy ‘super flat’ beds equipped with 17 inch monitors and a new generation in-built massage system. It also has a communal area which comprises a bar lounge, sofas and a seat-free space for socializing.

 “Our inaugural flight to London is perhaps the best thing to have happened to passengers on the London-Lagos route since the service first started. It is a bold statement, but as a frequent flyer on the London to Lagos route I know that for far too long, we have been paying far too much, for far too little in value. This is probably one of the highest priced routes in the world, yet somehow comfort and service seem to be an afterthought, rather than a priority” said Dr Michael Arumemi-Ikhide, Group CEO & President, Arik Air.
“Our Company was created by a man with a very clear vision; to deliver a world class service to every passenger on every route. We have realized that vision domestically, we have realized it in the West African region and now we have actualized it internationally.
“Our aim is to continually exceed our passengers’ expectations internationally.  We are the carrier of choice to the West African region and are demonstrating our credentials as the flagship airline for Nigeria and the gateway to West Africa.
“Arik Air’s ambition is to be a global carrier which Nigerian and the rest of the world is proud to fly. We are taking our world class airline around the world.  We connect Nigeria to London, Johannesburg and New York.  We have secured the rights to fly to Houston, Paris, Beijing and many other international destinations. To fly these new routes we will introduce new aircraft, all fitted out in the most luxurious style, in keeping with our world class standards.”