Our fleet consists of well-maintained and modern aircraft. The aircraft are also highly fuel-efficient, helping us to operate in a way that is friendly towards our environment.

To meet the evolving requirements of the different markets we serve, we fly equipment from four different aircraft manufacturers. The capacity of our individual aircraft ranges from just eight seats in our two Hawkers to as many as 237 in our wide-body Airbus A340-500.

The specifications of various aircraft in our operating fleet are given below:


Quantity: 1

Manufacture date: 2013

Seat Capacity: 100

Range: 2,656 km

Airbus A340-500

Quantity: 2

Manufacture date: 2008-2009

Seat Capacity: 237

Range: 16,050 km

Airbus A330-200

Quantity: 2

Manufacture date: 2008

Seat Capacity: 217

Range: 13,400 km

Boeing 737-800NG

Quantity: 4

Manufacture date: 2009

Seat Capacity: 148

Range: 5,665 km

Boeing 737-700NG

Quantity: 6

Manufacture date: 2007-2009

Seat Capacity: 131-149

Range: 6,230 km

Boeing 737-700

Quantity: 3

Manufacture date: 2001

Seat Capacity: 124

Range: 6,230 km

Bombardier CRJ-900

Quantity: 4

Manufacture date: 2006-2007

Seat Capacity: 74

Range: 2,774 km

Bombardier Dash 8 Q400

Quantity: 2

Manufacture date: 2009

Seat Capacity: 72

Range: 2,500 km

Hawker HS 125-800XP

Quantity: 2

Manufacture date: 2005-2006

Seat Capacity: 8

Range: 4,854 km