At Arik, we are people-oriented and work with the best. Our management team comprises industry experts with years of experience and excellence in the aviation sector and with a reputation for service delivery and efficiency.

  • Arik Air benefits from having a strong management team that possess a significant level of airline industry experience. Many of its members have previously worked at successful full service and low fare airlines within our own region and around the world.
  • Arik Air has on board an experienced management team - equivalent to more than 150 years’ worth of industry knowledge- and complemented by a highly motivated and equally dynamic young workforce.
  • We strive to bring improvements to the local aviation sector. We also want to ensure that we benefit from insight and objectivity in the delivery of our own business model. To help achieve this, the airline has also drawn team members from various industry sectors and as well as from many international markets.
  • The Arik team consists of individuals with prior relevant experience in key operational, technical and commercial aviation expertise who execute and implement the airline’s business plans.