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17 Dec 2016


The fuel scarcity which has been on for several days is becoming more intense with the inability of approved major fuel marketers to meet the demands of airline especially at this time when maximum

number of passengers are traveling for the yuletide.

Arik Air, the largest airline operator has been operating over 100 daily flights and therefore experiences a larger impact of this scarcity compared to other airlines. The airline requires

a daily supply of approximately 500,000 liters for its operations but it has been getting between 180,000 and 200,000 over the past 10 days which has severely impacted the scheduled flight operations.

Despite the abrupt and random fuel price increase by some marketers, which the airline may be forced to pass on to its customers, the product supply still remains epileptic.

The airline is appealing for the understanding of its passengers who have been booked to travel on its flights. Passengers are also advised to always visit the airline’s website, or contact the

Call Center on 01 2799999 for information about their flights.

02 Dec 2016

Reschedule due to technical issue (Airbus A330).

Due to a technical issue with our Airbus A330,  Arik Air flights 01 DEC JFK-LOS and 02 DEC LOS-JFK have been rescheduled for the following:

03 DEC: W3 107 will depart LOS at 11:00AM and arrive at JFK at 17:20 (PM),

03 DEC: W3 108 will depart JFK at 19:20 (PM) and arrive LOS at 12:20 PM - JFK Check in will open at 14:20 and close at 18:20

For more information, please contact your local Arik Air call center or your travel agent.

16 Nov 2016


The aviation fuel scarcity started manifesting last week when major oil marketers began to ration supply of the product to airlines. One of the marketers issued a Notice to Airmen (NOTAM) on Saturday alerting of non-availability of the product in Lagos. Another marketer said it was running out of product in Lagos with limited supplies in Port Harcourt and Abuja.

This development has started taking its toll on Arik Air due to the airline’s large scale operations, with flights being delayed across the country and in some cases cancelled especially for airports without airfield lighting.

With a daily fuel need of about 500,000 litres and an average of over 100 daily flights, Arik Air is mostly affected by this scarcity which is the fourth this year alone. One of the airline’s flights to Johannesburg on Tuesday had to be routed via Port Harcourt to pick up fuel.

As a result of the worsening supply situation of the aviation fuel, Arik Air has announced further reduction in flights from Wednesday, November 16 to cope with the fresh scarcity, and reduce the unpleasant delays and cancellations which passengers have experienced in recent times.

It has therefore appealed for the understanding of its valued customers whose flights are likely to be affected by the scarcity and scaling down of operations.

Where flights are to be delayed or cancelled as a result of the scarcity, Arik Air will be sending text or email messages to passengers.

Passengers are also advised to call the airline’s call centre on 01 2799999 or 08077791683 for enquiries about their flights.

17 Oct 2016

Delays due to operational requirements on 23'OCT W3 107 and 24'OCT W3 108

Please note that due to operational requirements, the following Arik Air flights will operate with a delay:

  • 23 OCT W3 107 
  • 24 OCT W3 108 

The above mentioned flights will operate wit the following schedule: (in local time) 

  • 24OCT W3 107 Dep LOS 1430 Arr JFK 2030
  • 25OCT W3 108 Dep JFK 0130 Arr LOS 1700

JFK Check-in Counter will be open from 21:00 24 OCT – 00:30 25 OCT.

 We apologize any inconveniences this may cause to our mutual passengers and are making the following options available to any affected passengers without any penalties:

  •         Depart on an earlier flight
  •         Depart on a later flight
  •         Total change of date

Our call center has already begun reaching out to affected passengers to notify them of these changes.

28 Sep 2016

Cancellation due to extended maintenance work on our Airbus A330...

Due to extended maintenance work on our Airbus A330, the following flights will experience a cancelation in service for the month of October.

03 OCT

  •  W3 107/108 cancelled; Affected passengers will be automatically transferred to 06OCT W3 108

06 OCT

  •  W3 107 delayed to 06OCT and will operate the following schedule: all times  *Local times – 24hr clock*
  •  06 OCT W3 107 – will Depart LOS at 1410; and Arrive in JFK at 2030
  •  07 OCT W3 108 – will Depart JFK at 0130; and Arrive in LOS at 1700

JFK check-in will begin at 9:00PM and will close at 12:30AM.