We are dedicated to looking after the special needs of all our guests. Find out all you need to know if you are travelling with infants, advice for disabled passengers and parents or guardians of minors travelling unaccompanied.


If you are traveling with an infant (aged 8 days to 23 months), you can include them on your seat booking by making an infant reservation. Infants less than 7 seven days old are not accepted on Arik Air flights. For safety and insurance requirements, infants must be accompanied by a passenger aged 16 years or above and booked in the ratio of one infant per adult. Extra seats can be purchased for infants, but only if seated in an approved infant car seat.

Infants who have not reached the age of 2 years on the date of travel may fly paying the infants applicable fare provided they sit on an adult's lap (one infant per adult). When the infant begins travel before their 2nd birthday, they pay the infant fare for their entire journey (this applies for their return). If in fact, the adult passenger makes changes to their original outbound departure to a later time, and the accompanying infant then turns 2 years of age by the new date of outbound travel, then there is an additional collection to the full adult fare (when travelling in business class) or to the child’s fare (when traveling in economy class) plus any applicable taxes, fees and charges. The Passenger Name Record must be documented with the age of the child at booking and again when any subsequent changes are made to the outbound departure date. Proof of age is required at check-in. Please have the infant's valid photo-ID available for inspection. Only approved infants car seats are allowed in the cabin of the aircraft.

Passengers with infants may take their own cot into the cabin depending on the facility available within the aircraft cabin to accommodate it and on space availability. Otherwise, the cot should be carried in the hold. The passengers should request the service at the time of booking and pay for an additional seat.

Passengers travelling internationally may request during the booking process to use an Arik Air cot during the flight instead of their own.

Unaccompanied minors

Arik Air carries unaccompanied minors aged 5-12 years upon completion and signature of the necessary forms by parent or guardian.

Disabled passengers

Arik Air provides extra attention to those with special needs, such as passengers with reduced mobility and anyone who needs additional care during a flight.

Requests for Wheelchairs must be made at the time of flight reservation.
Passengers with reduced mobility are those passengers whose ability to embark, move around on-board or disembark is minimized due to their psychical and/or mental state, their age, illness or any other permanent or temporary cause. This includes:

  • Passengers who are stretcher bound
  • Pregnant (restrictions apply, more information in Health Matters section)

Passengers who may:

  • Be affected by contagious or transmittable diseases
  • Require special assistance on the ground or during the flight due to their physical and/or mental condition;
  • Be premature babies
  • Require a wheelchair
  • Un-sighted and/or deaf

Contact your travel agent, the nearest Arik Air ticket office or Call Centre for more information on how we can provide the required level of assistance and care.