Additional Information Online check-in

For all passengers travelling without check-in baggage, please proceed directly to Security and Boarding Gate. If you have baggage to check-in, please proceed to the check-in counters for baggage drop. Please note that you still have to appear in person for security profiling and Identification/Passport/Visa checks. Please always show up with a valid identification in order to board the aircraft.

Boarding begins between 30 minutes (for Domestic), 45 minutes (for Regional) to 90 minutes (for International Flights) prior to the scheduled departure time, depending on the size and destination of the aircraft. Customers must be on board the aircraft at least 15 minutes prior to departure for domestic flights, and 30 minutes prior to departure on international flights. Failure to report to that gate at closure time may result in you missing your flight.

A seat reservation will not be a guarantee and Arik Air reserves the right to change seats due to operational requirements.If you require any special assistance, please report at the airport at least 45 minutes before start of check-in. Our staff will be happy to assist you. We hope you have a pleasant journey and look forward to taking care of your travel bookings in the future.