Arik Corporate

Corporate sales account is a convenient service reserved for selected high volume travel organizations.

The corporate sales unit comprises of highly skilled, experienced and proactive ticketing agents who respond to the immediate needs of the corporate clients. The corporate organizations make booking requests via e-mail and receive their electronic tickets via return email.

There are dedicated check-in counters for corporate clients at selected airports and a personalized service of the Arik Air corporate sales team.

The Arik Air corporate travel service consists of two packages:

1. PREPAID BENEFITS The prepaid service requires the corporate client to pay an agreed upfront amount against which deductions are made as and when tickets are issued. Upon the prepaid deposit dropping to a predetermined level, the corporate client is required replenish to the agreed prepaid deposit. Dependent on travel spend corporate clients enjoy discounted fares.

2. POSTPAID BENEFITS The postpaid service requires the corporate client to provide a certified bank guarantee against which tickets are issued on credit. The bank guarantee is calculated based on the estimated travel spend and payments are made in accordance to the credit payment terms. For more information, please email us on

Mobile: +234(0) 8077791364

Landline: +234 -01-2799900 ext. 4422

We look forward to a mutually beneficial relationship.