Looking for tips on how to enhance your travel experience? Arik Air is pleased to assist your wellbeing…

For your travel convenience, here are some tips to help enhance your travel experience and minimize any discomfort during your Arik Air flight:

  • If you are travelling to a destination for less than 48 hours, keep your watch on its usual time, but if your stay is longer, change to local time as soon as you board as this will help you to adjust your internal body clock and to cope with the effects of jet lag
  • Try not to sit in positions that may restrict your blood circulation
  • Try not to fall asleep in a cramped position
  • Try doing seated leg exercises throughout the flight to help prevent stiffness
  • On our long haul flights, try to move around the cabin from time to time
  • Drinking juice or water during your flight - instead of coffee or alcohol - will help keep you hydrated.



Smoking is not permitted on board aircraft Arik Air aircraft at any time. Heavy smokers may benefit from medical advice before travelling. Nicotine replacement patches or chewing gum may prove helpful.