Travel Information

We recommend that you garner some basic information before you embark on any journey, helping to make your trip a stress free experience. We have therefore collated some basic information that will go a long way in ensuring your well-being. Please do take time to read the TRAVEL INFORMATION contained in this website

Before your flight

Before you embark on any journey, there is some basic information you need at your disposal to make the journey hitch-free and enjoyable. Arik Air has some information which you will consider very helpful.
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At the airport

We strongly believe that while at the airport, all passengers need to know some important things that will help enhance your overall experience. We have compiled a list of some of the things we think you need know while at the airport, like concerns about security and customs & check-in and boarding procedure. Please read through... you will be glad you did.
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During the flight

Find out about services offered to our guests during your flight. Pay close attention to the safety briefings at the beginning and end of your Arik Air flights and know the location of all exits. You must follow the instructions of the crew at all times and be respectful of them and the other passengers. The airline does not accept or tolerate behaviour that is threatening to them or to other passengers on board the flight. Remember, everyone is entitled to travel in a safe and secure environment.
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At your destination

The safe arrival of our guests at our various destinations is a priority at Arik Air. Should there be any issue on arrival at your destination, we have put in place measures to assist without delay.
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